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General Sales Agreement

  • Article 1 - Purpose

This sales agreement are intended, first to inform any potential consumer on the terms and conditions in which the seller ("JULIETTE HAS A GUN") shall sell and delivery of products ordered and, secondly, to define rights and obligations of the parties in connection with the sale of products JULIETTE HAS A GUN by the consumer ("Buyer"). They apply, without limitation or qualification, to all sales, products offered by JULIETTE HAS A GUN on its website

For any person to order a product offered for sale on the website carries JULIETTE HAS A GUN full acceptance of these general terms of sale the Buyer acknowledges prior to its command.

The products are offered for sale and delivery on the following geographical territory: metropolitan France (including Corsica) and Europe.

For purposes of these general terms of sale, the Purchaser and JULIETTE HAS A GUN are individually or collectively, the Party or Parties.

Buyer prior to his order, declare that:

  • The purchase of products on the website JULIETTE HAS A GUN is no direct relationship with a professional activity and is limited to a strictly personal use.
  • Have full legal capacity, allowing him to engage in under these conditions of sale.

JULIETTE HAS A GUN sells products on its Website only to retail customers and end users. Any order will not clearly related to retail and more generally, any fraudulent order or suspected as such, will considered by JULIETTE HAS A GUN null and void.

JULIETTE HAS A GUN reserves the right to modify at any time these general conditions of sale. Nevertheless General terms of sale applicable to orders placed by Purchaser the site JULIETTE HAS A GUN are those accepted by the Buyer when placing such an order.

These general terms of sale supplement the terms of use Site, available at any time by the "Legal" and applicable to the Site Buyer.


  • Article 2 - Identity of Company


Address: 59 rue de Richelieu
Box: 75002
City: Paris - France
Registered with the RCS Paris under number B 484 168 828 000 16
Capital : € 7 500
    • Article 3 - Contract and Orders

      • 3.1 Rates

    The sales prices of products online at the website JULIETTE HAS A GUN, quoted in euros, are those in effect at the time of registration of the order by the Buyer. The selling price of products can be modified by JULIETTE HAS A GUN at any time. This change will be reported to the Buyer before any order.

    Shipping charges are shown before the registration of the order by the Buyer.

    For France and for Europe, the charges are offered.

    Prices include french value added tax (VAT), applicable at the date of the order and any change in the rate applicable will be reflected in the price of products sold by JULIETTE HAS A GUN in its Website.

      • 3.2 Characteristics of products

    Pursuant to Article L. 111-1 of the Consumer Code, the Purchaser may, prior to his order, read on the Site Internet JULIETTE HAS A GUN, the essential characteristics of product (s) they wish to order.

    Buyer may select one or several products among the different categories offered on the website JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

    Products submitted by JULIETTE HAS A GUN are valid within availability.

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN is likely to alter the mix of products offered for sale on its Website, without prejudice to order placed by the Buyer.

      • 3.3 Order

    Any order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions sale, without prejudice to any particular contractual concluded between the Parties.

    The Buyer has the option to verify the details of its proposed control and to correct any errors. From the moment Buyer confirms his order by clicking on the "OK", it is regarded as having knowingly accepted these general conditions of sale, prices, volumes and quantities of products offered for sale and ordered by the Buyer.

    The order validated by the Purchaser will be confirmed by JULIETTE HAS AGUN. The sale will be considered final until the last provision of this order confirmation to Buyer by JULIETTE HAS A GUN and receipt by it of the full price.

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN recommends that Buyer retain the information contained in the order confirmation sent by JULIETTE HAS A GUN a document on paper or computer.


    • Article 4 - Payment

    Payment must be made when ordering online Buyer. At no time, the payments cannot be considered as a deposit or down payment. All orders are payable in euros, all taxes and including compulsory.

    To set the order, the Purchaser has the means of settlement following: credit card and Paypal account.

    Credit cards accepted on the Website JULIETTE HAS A GUN are: Blue Card, Visa, American Express, Master Card, Map Aurora Map Cofinoga or Preferred Card 4 stars.

    Vouchers obtained in shops are not valid on the site JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

    The Buyer warrants to JULIETTE HAS A GUN it has permissions necessary to use the payment method he chose for his command, when recording his order.

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN reserves the right to suspend or cancel any execution of a command and / or delivery, whatever its nature and runlevel, in case of default in payment or partial payment of any sum payable by the Purchaser in case of an incident of payment or in case of fraud or attempted fraud concerning the use of Website JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

    Penalties in an amount equal to the statutory interest rate plus five Points are automatically applicable to amounts outstanding at the end a period of ten days following the settlement date or upon notification rejection of bank payment for any other means of payment. The delivery of any new order may be suspended if late payment or partial payment of a previous order and this notwithstanding the provisions hereof.

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN reserves the right to request a photocopy of the identity card and / or if the credit card (front only) of the Buyer for any payment by credit card.

    As part of the fight against Internet fraud, the information about your order may be sent to any third parties authorized by law or designated by JULIETTE HAS A GUN solely for verification of the identity of the Purchaser to the validity of control method of settlement used and planned shipment.

    To ensure the security of credit card payment, the Buyer shall transmit to the agency online payment chosen by JULIET HAS A GUN the security code (CVV) on the back of the card bank used by the Buyer.

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN uses a tool such Paypal ensure that the information transmitted is encrypted by software and no one else can read it during transport network. Payment security is based on authentication Buyer, and the confidentiality of all data. For Paypal secure it uses proven techniques Cryptography and respects the different banking regulations applicable in France.


    • Article 5 - Delivery and reception

      • 5.1 Conditions of Delivery

    1.1 General rules

    The products subject to a final order of the Buyer will be delivered to the shipping address provided by the Purchaser on command.

    By default, the invoices are sent by email at the e-mail address indicated by Buyer when registering on the Site JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

    Failure to comply with contractual conditions described below, any claim by the Purchaser shall not be accepted.

    1.2 Characteristics of delivery "Colissimo" Post (excluding purchase of samples)

    Upon delivery, a schedule of distribution or receipt shall be signed by the buyer or recipient of products ordered. In case of absence, the Buyer or the recipient of the order receives a calling card, allowing him to withdraw products controlled at the post office nearest indicated in the notice of passage for a period of fifteen days.

    Buyer or consignee of the goods ordered is invited to check the apparent condition of products upon delivery.

    In the presence of apparent abnormality (damage, missing product compared to delivery, package or product is damaged or broken, etc..) recorded at delivery in the presence of the employee of the Post, the Buyer or receiving the product ordered is required to apply the procedure Colissimo Post, including pointing to the damage or failure observed and making claims and reserves and to refuse delivery by immediate observation of the anomaly with Officer Post (finding 170).

    Buyer or consignee of the goods ordered shall have 3 full days of receipt of the order to notify carrier, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, any incident on the status or contents of the package delivered. It is also asked to report the problem to JULIETTE HAS A GUN in transmitting immediately email customer service at JULIETTE HAS A GUN: 

      • 5.2 Delivery

    For all orders confirmed Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) before 13h on the website JULIETTE HAS A GUN, preparation Order will be held on same day, within stocks available.

    Delivery times (France) following confirmation of your order, are:

    • Colissimo the POST: less than or equal to 5 days

    In case of late delivery exceeding 7 days and not due to a case force majeure, the Purchaser will have the option to cancel the order by registered letter with return receipt addressed to JULIETTE HAS A GUN - Service annulation - 59 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris or by email:

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN then conduct an investigation with the carrier concerned before the redemption of the products ordered is not delivered.

    The Purchaser may exercise this right to cancel its order for failure to deliver within the contractual period, within a maximum of sixty days from the current working exceeded the maximum period indicated for the delivery of products. The total amount paid him by the Purchaser will be refunded if the entire order returned in the form of having or redeemable at the option of Buyer, as soon as possible and no later than thirty days after the date on which the Purchaser has exercised its right to obtain cancellation of his order.


    • Article 6 - Right and withdrawal period

    Pursuant to Article L. 121-20 of the Consumer Code, the Purchaser has a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the order by itself or by the recipient of the command to return to his full costs of its order and obtain, at Buyer's choice of exchange of goods, or any asset or a refund for the amount of the order.

    The products must be returned to JULIETTE HAS A GUN according to the procedures described in Article 7 - below.


    • Article 7 - Back products

    The products supplied may be returned by the Buyer JULIETTE HAS A GUN in the terms and instructions detailed below. The products must be returned to JULIETTE HAS A GUN in perfect condition for resale or in their original state (Packaging, accessories, instructions ...)

      • 7.1 Back by mail or parcel

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN accept the return parcel by mail or by any item purchased on if it is returned to JULIETTE HAS A GUN within 3 (three) months from the date of receipt of the order by the Buyer.

    The shipping of return package remain the responsibility of the Buyer except in cases of lack of conformity of products delivered over command.

    If exchange product (s), costs associated with a new delivery products are borne by the Buyer.

    To return a product, Purchaser must follow instructions following:

    • 1. Use the original packaging to return the product (s) (s).
    • 2. Send the package by registered mail with return receipt to the address follows:

    A l'attention du Service Retours E-Store
    59 rue de Richelieu
    75002 Paris 

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN does not accept packages sent COD. All risk return shipment is the responsibility of the Buyer.


    • Article 8 - Retention of title

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN retains full ownership of products sold until full payment is received in full, in principal, fees, taxes and mandatory contributions included.


    • Article 9 – Liability

    JULIETTE HAS A GUN cannot be held liable for any damages indirect that may arise from the purchase of products. Of same responsibility JULIETTE HAS A GUN obligations under Terms of Use shall not be held liable for occurrence of an event of force majeure as defined by the French courts.


    • Article 10 - Non-partial validity

    If one or more provisions of these General terms of sale are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, regulation or following a decision Final of competent jurisdiction, the remaining provisions remain in full force and effect.


    • Article 11 - No Waiver

    The fact that one of the parties not to take advantage of the other Part of a breach of any of the obligations referred to in of these general conditions of sale cannot be interpreted for the future as a waiver of the obligation in question.


    • Article 12 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

    Sales of the company JULIETTE HAS A GUN is subject to French law. Any dispute regarding the existence, interpretation, the performance or breach of contract between JULIETTE HAS A GUN and Buyer, even in cases of multiple defendants, in default amicable agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris.


    • Article 13 - "Data Protection"

    The personal data collected by JULIETTE HAS A GUN at any order of the Purchaser are necessary to manage its Order by JULIETTE HAS A GUN and its suppliers and may be used, subject to rights exercised by the person concerned, to inform it of products or services provided by JULIETTE HAS A GUN and / or its trading partners.

    According to the law "and Freedoms" n ° 78-17 of January 6 1978, the Purchaser and the recipient have an order a right to access and to correct or delete data treated on JULIETTE HAS A GUN, and the right oppose the use of such data for marketing purposes direct marketing. By default, these rights are to JULIETTE HAS A GUN by mail addressed to Customer Services JULIETTE HAS A GUN - 59 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris or by email: or via the Contact Us section of the site Internet JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

    By ordering from JULIETTE HAS A GUN, Buyer may also be informed about offers JULIETTE HAS A GUN by e-mail unless opposition on his part. Three types of emails can be sent:

    • Newsletters.
    • Event emails.
    • Your personalized emails.

    If Buyer does not wish to receive these informational messages, it can share them with JULIETTE HAS A GUN at any time by e addressed to Customer Service JULIETTE HAS A GUN - 59 rue de Richelieu 75002 Paris or by email:, or via contact Us section of the website JULIETTE HAS A GUN, or via the unsubscribe link contained at the bottom of each email sent by JULIETTE HAS A GUN. In case of problems in this regard, the Purchaser may contact Customer Service JULIETTE HAS A GUN.

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