Our Brand – Juliette has a gun

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“ Beauty is one of
women’s most fascinating weapons ”

The brand

Created in France between Paris and Grasse by Romano Ricci, great grandson of Nina Ricci. A twisted heroine of Shakespeare transported into the 21st century with a gun, metaphor for her perfume, her weapon of seduction. A collection of fragrances designed for one who also understands that wearing a signature scent goes far beyond the simple fact of smelling just “nice”... It’s a statement. An affirmation of who you are. Romano Ricci aims to restore perfumes to what they should always be: emblems of style and originality.

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The creator

Romano Ricci launched Juliette has a gun in 2006 aiming to challenge the highly codified niche perfumery industry. Great grandson of famous Nina Ricci, Romano Ricci broke free from his heritage to be, first and foremost, a unique creator bonding intimately with each of his fragrances, giving them character rather than just a simple olfactory identity. The committed artistic director is convinced that perfume is not yet exhausted, that it must remain an art, a craftmanship.

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